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Coffee and cake

Well this week has been a test on my diet! 

Oops too many yummy cakes, with white chocolate brownies, caramel slices and Russian cake wow this coffee and cake morning was the best I have been too 😊

Popping to Regency Cakes this week for a coffee and cake morning with some lovely wedding suppliers. 

Arriving a little early to make sure I get a seat where I don't knock any of Rachel and Grahams beautiful display cakes on the floor, I find myself looking at the cakes and think "oh no my diet" well actually it was more "my personal trainer is going to kill me" 

It was a great morning with Wayne Goodman, Juan Muino, Neil Laver, Kate Page, Julie Donnelly, Rachel and Graham chatting away about everything from recent wedding shows, weddings and blogging. Well and of course these cakes the delicious, tempting cakes. 

I have to say not just myself but others who were there, the tower of cakes soon disappeared. Oops!!! 

So if your looking for the perfect piece of cake pop into Regency Cakes in Exning. 

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