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What a beautiful wedding

What a day, with getting half way to the venue and realising we had left the canopy to the sweetie table back at the unit. Oops! and getting stuck in the rain. 

When we finally arrived the set up went smoothly. We dressed the sweet cart and got that ready for the bride to supply the sweets and then started on our beautiful Dusky pink ruffles. They may be fiddily but well worth the overall look. We LOVE them here at easy and elegant weddings. 

Once the chairs were done the centrepieces were next and they turned out amazing. We chose a larger piece of wood for the top table so we could fill it with more of the mason jars and flowers. 

All the other tables had a wood slice, one of our twine bottles, and mason jars with candles. The flowers were roses, gerberas, gypsophila and eucalyptus. 

To finish off the marque we hung bunting around the edge. 

The Old hall is a stunning venue and the staff are wonderful, helpful and always happy to help. 

Congratulations to our bride and groom today I hope you have had a lovely day. 01353663275 

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