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Wow we have keys!!

Yes that's right Easy and Elegant Weddings have keys. This means more space. Which if you know me means I can buy more wonderful and beautiful items for the business. 

After opening in November 2009 thinking I would do this just as a hobby and work at the hospital I soon realised that Easy and Elegant Weddings was going to take over. We gradually got busy and over the next five years we realised that running it from home was just not an option. 

Well space. With a growing family and a growing business the three bedroom bungalow which seemed huge when we moved in was starting to feel cramped and unorganised. So purchasing two sheds we thought would help. Well it did for all of 6 months. To which we decided the business needed to move out. 


Well we found more space. But now Steve and I needed to find an actual unit. Well after just over a year of waiting one turned up. 

UNIT 5 Leyton Avenue, Mildenhall, IP287NG

And it's amazing!!!! 

We are nearly all ready for customers to come and see us. But we are holding our opening day until the 3rd of April 2017, so we can get the showroom built and a area safe for you lovely customers to come chat about your 




Baby shower 

Well any event. 

We will keep you all updated with our progress 

Thank you for all our previous, present and existing customers because of you this is why we are able to develop and grow. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


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