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What a team

This amazing team created what you see in the back ground. 

With an all day prep with one lady who's not in the picture. Ellen and my lovely dad thank you for you help during the day. 

Thank you to steve for the prep the week running up to the event. 

All that prep really did pay off. 

We arrived on site at Quy Mill for 10. Had a wedding to set in the hotel and then a cheeky walk around the B2B business show before we did the massive amount of prep you see in the pics. (We were happy it wasn't as hot as last week, we may have melted😂) 

The B2B business show finished at 4 and that's when the install started. 

With the team arriving it was a go. We had two Katrina and myself up the ladder hanging the lanterns with Jess and Louise  passing the lanterns up. Before we knew it, it was 5.15 and half the marque lanterns we up and the staff at Quy Mill had placed the tables. 

At 6 o'clock the lanterns were complete. The girls doing the lanterns started helping kelly, Nikki, do the sashes and centerpieces. Inbetween us doing this Sally was creating the balloons that were on the order and the dancefloor balloons looked amazing 

Whilst my Dad, Julie and myself went to set the Aveva lights. Which look amazing I do say so 😜

By 6.50 we were taking our team photo. I am so grateful and thankful for the team I put together to get this event installed. 

It was a lot of hard work and a lot of amazing people. 


Ps. I will be calling on you all for the next big install 😘😘

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