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A lovely busy weekend

So this weekend just gone we had 7 wonderful weddings and a birthday party to install.

3 of them involved hanging lanterns and Pom Poms. I have to admit we really do love hanging lanterns and agree it's something we should have expanded into ages ago. 

We have another lantern job this weekend which is going to look just as pretty. 

So we started the weekend on thursday installing a wedding for Saturday at Rosewood Pavillion, which involved hanging the brides Pom poms, chair covers, LOVE letters and post box. 

From rosewood to Chippenham Park 

Where we installed a mixture of hanging lanterns, vertical drops and rose coursages on the chairs, with balloons on the bridge 

So from Chippenham we went to Quy Mill and installed chair covers, fairy lights and hanging lanterns for the beams over the dancefloor. 

A mixture of different colour purples worked really well with the bride and grooms colours 

So with 3 weddings installed, we then headed to The Old Hall in Ely Friday morning to install Hessian and Lace sashes and table runners. 

After a Friday evening with my mum and finishing prep for Saturday I was ready to install the last 3 weddings and a birthday 

Saturday morning I was back at Quy Mill to install chair covers, mood lighting and more fairy lights. I have to say I really do like purple in the waterwheel room at Quy and our fairy lights really do work well on the wheel. 

From Quy Mill to The Old hall for a Black and White themed wedding where we installed black sashes with our vintage brooches. 

And our last wedding of the weekend was at the Riverside Hotel where we did chair covers with purple sashes 

After a wonderful busy weekend installing weddings I then headed to the Jude's ferry in west row in hang festoons and more lanterns, this time on a wigwam which really did look good. 

So Saturday afternoon we were all installed and ready to relax and a relaxing evening I did have. 

People wonder how I do so many in a weekend we lots of planning and organising with our wonderful venues we work in. 

I have to say I REALLY DO LOVE WHAT I DO!!! 

Watch this space for more on what we are up to and what we are getting in stock 😘

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