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The Bosses 30th Birthday

So this weekend was a busy one, with a draping transformation at the holiday inn and a wedding at Rosewood Pavillion. 

Then Saturday evening was the Bosses 30th Birthday. 

Knowing Lucie she wanted to go all out on decorations so we did. 

The theme was rose gold, black and white so we started the planning. 

Party was taking place at the lovely Riverside Hotel in Mildenhall starting at 7. 

Decorating started about 4.30 and Lucie knew she wanted the blossom trees somewhere in the room. Centrepieces it was And they looked amazing with the glass ball tea lights hanging from them 

As you can see from the picture Koppaberg is one of Lucie’s favourite drinks and many were found around the room. Hahaha 

On the opposite tables Lucie chose Calla Lily’s. Lucie nick name is Lily so these had to be Incorpated somewhere and with the rose gold sequin table cloths it was perfect. 

The room looked stunning with all the candles and she certainly had an amazing time dancing around the dancefloor most of the evening. Even the Zumba lots got up and showed off there moves. 

With people doing the oldies like Saturday night, Macarena, and opps up side your head. 

Spoiling herself with 3 cakes from Regency Cakes too she certainly knows how to celebrate. 

From the boss: Thank you Rachel and Graham my cake was amazing. Perfect choice. 

Thank you to Cambridge Wedding Services to for supplying a Dj so Steve (Lucie’s husband) could enjoy the evening too. 

Lucie’s birthday was definitely a good night and with the smile on her face she enjoyed it.  

Message from the boss: thank you to all her guests that came and to everyone that wished her a happy birthday. 30 feels amazing. 😘xx 

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